CD 469 News Brief

Article: “The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development”

By: Scott Barry Kaufman

Date published: Nov. 11, 2013

Link to article:

Main points: Children ages two to six are benefited cognitively by pretend play. Pretend play is a key aspect in developing self-regulation. Many sources promote early and frequent pretend play, such as parents who talk to their children regularly, parents who read to their children regularly, and school atmospheres that encourage pretend play. Parents and teachers have a great influence on a child’s pretend play and also influence their literacy development.

I believe this article is important because pretend play is a big part of a child’s development and can really help children grow. Pretend play allows children to express their own thoughts and feelings, and they can also see how their peers are thinking and feeling. Professionals in child development need to know the importance of pretend play and how it can improve a child’s literacy. This article can give professionals in child development a clear understanding of the benefits of pretend play and how they can use pretend play in their own field of work. I recommend that all child development professionals read this article and get a better understanding of pretend play and what it can do to improve a child’s development and growth.

-Sarah Buck, Feb.26, 2014


4 thoughts on “CD 469 News Brief

  1. I like this article and agree with your statements of the importance of pretend play. Imagination is a powerful tool as a child and as an adult. It is helpful to learn how to utilize imagination through expression.

  2. I agree that imaginative play is vital in children’s development. It allows children to explore the world and socially interact with peers and adults. Through doing this children are developing in areas of cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and self development. Imaginative play allows children to discover their place in this world and who they can become.

  3. I can still remember when I was so engaged in imaginative play when I was young. I remember, once I was 5, my friend and I would play the scene in Power Rangers and I would slide down the slides on my stomach and tell my friend, “saaaaave me”. And my cousin and I used to have this pack of sticker on the old closet and we would pretend that it’s the button for elevator and each one would get us to an imaginary place. I loved it when I was little. I still loving to imagine things that’s going to happen even now. From all the learnings from CD classes, I know that pretend play can promote so many development in different domains, and I wish that parents can read more about this and learn more as well.

  4. I agree play is one of the most valuable things a child can do to help with development. Play is very beneficial in multiple ways. It exercises he mind and body all at once. Even as an adult i still love to play! You are never to old to get down and dirty, and most likely you would learn something new.

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